Dux College offers English advanced tutoring to years 11 and 12

Our long awaited English Advanced courses are ready to be offered to the public. We are proud to announce that, starting from term 4 2010, Dux College will begin to offer tutoring courses for:

1. Preliminary English Advanced (year 11)

2. HSC English Advanced ( year 12)

Our English Advanced courses are developed by senior HSC markers. Unlike other tutoring centres, our English Advanced course is text specific – that means you learn only what’s directly relevant to your prescribed text. We do not waste time with half-relevant generalised content. Each weekly class will be 2 hours long, and continue throughout the year.

Preliminary English Advanced

The preliminary course will be a ‘dry run’ practice for the HSC, starting in Term 1 of year 11, and ending in term 3. In year 11, students will gain a wide exposure to different HSC-relevant texts. Students will gain early exposure to the requirements of the modules A, B and C, and will be shown how to analyse these texts for relevant issues to each module.

Exam-style homework will be marked according to HSC marking criteria and give students an early insight into how a response can be broken down as per the marking criteria. Students gain a systematic perspective as we demystify the factors of success by showing students countless examples of model answers, and giving them the opportunity to develop their own.

In the second half of term 3, students will get an early start into Area of Study: Belonging, giving them a solid foundation and introduction into the year 12 content, which becomes assessable for the HSC.

HSC English Advanced

The HSC course will start in the following term 4, and end in term 3 of year 12 (4 terms long in total). In addition to this, there will be holiday courses where students get a chance to revise, consolidate knowledge and further develop essential skills, such as essay writing and textual analysis.

The course starts with AOS for 12 weeks (continuing from the Preliminary English Advanced introduction to AOS), then coverage of the modules. Our classes and materials are specific to each student’s prescribed text at school (we don’t mix students doing different texts into the same class). Classes are interactive, fun and personalised – the class teacher will remain closely updated to each of his or her student’s progress, and all homework is marked by the class teacher, not someone else.

Students learn by analysing model answers with a breakdown of where marks are awarded for each type of question. Throughout the year, continue to build on their experience through doing exam-style homework which reflects all possible variations of HSC exam questions.

Now taking enrollments

We are now accepting enrolments for year 11s entering year 12 in Term 4 2010. The first classes will be in early October. To enquire or give an expression of interest, give us a call on (02) 8007 6824. To enrol, we will need to know what prescribed texts you are doing at school for HSC 2011.