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Choosing a Career After HSC

During your period of study, a good accredited university and course selection plays a very vital role. Choosing the right university course for yourself is very important as it most likely determines what you will be doing for your entire professional life. In fact investment on the selection of course can be termed as an investment you made on yourself and career. A proper course and a degree can help you grab better job opportunities and demand higher salary from employers.

Choosing a particular course to study at University stead for your future life and can seem a bit daunting process. Today there are number of colleges and universities that offer a wide number of course programs. Thus, it becomes important to choose not only something that you believe will help you on your future career path, but also to choose a subject that you enjoy. This is because, you may earn a very good salary but the fact remains that you will do well only if you choose a subject you are good at. For example- there is no point in choosing Commerce/Law or other highly demanded courses, just because your UAI was 99+. Generally those who do this tend to regret their choices after a year or two. On other hand those who choose a course program and degree based on their interests are generally more fulfilled and do better in their career.

A career and course choice which you have found interesting actually makes your life more enjoyable and content. Here are few courses that have pulled several students’ attention according to their interest.


Commerce is one of the most common courses students choose. It is a good choice, and possibly has the greatest number of career options. The most common commerce majors at the reputable universities are: accounting, finance, actuary studies (UNSW) and marketing. Commerce is the degree to choose if you want to be an accountant, or get into finance (work in a bank) or marketing (work in advertising). The pay for these types of jobs is great and there is an endless variety of jobs to suit all tastes and interests.

Actuarial studies

Actuarial Studies is ideal for those who are good at mathematics. Actuaries are people who work at big insurance companies, who use complex mathematical methods to calculate insurance premiums. However, there is a very misconception people have about this course is that they will become actuaries at the end of their degree. This is totally false statement, as actuarial jobs are in low supply, and most graduates work in finance, in the field of financial engineering designing new financial products etc. This can be very lucrative field, especially if part of a quantitative team in an investment bank.


Law is yet another course that can lead to a very lucrative career. Law graduates tend to make the most money out of all degrees in the long run. Students who want to make lots of money in their future careers are advised to aim for Law, even if they won’t want to eventually be a lawyer. The reason is because employers of large commercial companies tend to seek out the Law graduates to fill their higher paying graduate positions. Law graduates tend to be high quality, intelligent, social, well-spoken and dynamic people, and employers know this.

On the face of it, you all must understand that proper education along with good accredited course selection allows you to meet the standard for much-desired promotions.

Besides this, every degree you gain after completing the course program duration generally involves a large commitment in terms of time, money and energy. So, you need to be more proactive and must take your course selection plan very sincerely.

Your HSC and the Career Ahead

Looking at the present scenario, factors like job security and economic security are no longer what they were used to be. In fact it has become important to be capable enough to distinguish yourself from others and turn yourself as a well versed professional to beat the competition in every possible manner. However, it is not possible for you to be an expert at everything. The best thing that you can do is to select the proper course to develop a right and successful career. Selecting a proper course can add value to you in terms of career prospects.

HSC CareerThere are many people who choose the career without giving a serious second thought. After spending five to ten years, later they realise this is not what he or she expected to be. Moreover there are many who spend months or even years not happy with their careers. It is important to understand that a careful career selection is prime element that helps in fulfilling one’s job search and career satisfaction. Education and career earnings go hand in hand and a right education can let you know your skills and area of improvement. A proper course can successfully train you and improve your morale.

Today there are number of colleges and universities that offer a wide, dizzying number of course programs. It can be quite a testing task to pick or choose course program and further pursue your career. So, the best thing that you can do is to know your interest and passion and follow it by opting right course. As an example-

Engineering If you are a technical person and love to get involve in technical aspects of different sector then engineering is meant for you. There are many fields of engineering (mining, materials, petroleum etc) and in Australia, mining tends to produce the highest paying and most abundant jobs. You can select this course if you are interested in Physics, Chemistry and / or Mathematics. The UAI required for this course has a very large range. Some of the higher UAI courses are: Aeronautical Engineering at USYD, which is about 92, and Aerospace at USYD, at 99+.

Mathematics If you have a deep keen interest in mathematics, choose this course program at university. For mathematics graduates there are jobs in finance that pay them very well. They can even become actuaries or financial engineers. Many mathematics graduates also pursue their career in computer science, banking, insurance and other quantitative-analyst type positions. Only a small portion of maths graduates end up being in academia (the field of scholarly pursuits) as lecturers and researchers, as most people tend to think.


If you have a keen interest in biology, chemistry, and helping others, medicine is a course you can consider. However, it is more advisable to not choose this course program just for the sake of money. So for those who are looking for this course program need to go through the UMAT exam and interviews as additional selection criteria. Officially, the minimum UAI for medicine at reputable universities is 95, however the median entry for medicine at reputable universities has traditionally been in the low 99s. This is in additional to the UMAT and interview criteria, so medicine can be said to be the most competitive course to get into.

Other health courses

For those who are looking for alternative of medicine can go for other health course program. At reputable universities, Optometry and Vet Science needs about a UAI of 98, Pharmacy needs about 95, Medical science needs about 93, and physiotherapy is much lower and very accessible. If you want to get into medicine but didn’t get the required UAI or UMAT scores, you can get into one of these health courses and transfer via undergraduate or graduate streams, depending on individual universities’ rules.

Certainly selecting a right course and having a college degree is definitely a plus point in career planning. A well-educated and trained professional is surely a priceless asset to any organization. Proper education and industry-recognized credentials allow you to command top salaries, choose from a larger selection of plum positions, and meet the criteria for much-desired promotions. Thus, you must take your course selection plan seriously. You should never opt for a course just because you need it at that moment.

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